About FR44 and SR22 Experts

For more than a decade we have been helping customers find affordable Florida FR44 Insurance Policies. Our agency can meet all of your insurance needs, but our primary focus is to serve troubled drivers requiring financial responsibility insurance filings in the State of Florida. We have multiple companies to choose from and we’ll always find you the absolute Lowest Florida FR44 price with an “A” Rated or better company. All FR44 policies carry the minimum coverage so pricing is generally the only difference that separates the insurance carriers.

Florida FR44 Insurance

We work with all types of Florida FR44 Insurance situations. Regardless of your predicament, chances are we’ve not only experienced it, but we’ve solved it as well. We sell thousands of FR44’s and SR22’s, which makes us experts in the FR44 market. We provide both Owner and Non-Owner FR44 Insurance Policies and we shop multiple companies to ensure you’re always getting the absolute best price and coverage.

If you own a vehicle, you’ll need a Florida FR44 Owner policy. This will cover not only you, but your vehicle as well. The coverage you’ll need on the policy will be 100/300/50. You can view our Florida FR44 FAQ’s page for a description of what those numbers mean. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can obtain a Florida FR44 Non Owner policy. A Non Owner policy is almost always cheaper than an Owner policy.

Because of our experience, we know where, when, and how to properly file your Florida FR44 with the DMV. Beware of companies that don’t do this full time. You could incur a longer suspension duration, additional fees, etc. if your paperwork is not filed correctly. Experience is Critical!

The companies we represent are major carriers, financially stable, and professional/competent. We stand behind the companies we represent and ensure the best option for your unique situation. Contact us today for Free Quotes and the Best Advice in the Florida FR44 industry.