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Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance Filed in 5 Minutes or Less!

In a nutshell, we specialize in Non-Owner and Owner Florida FR44 Insurance Products. We not only sell thousands of policies each year, but we also have the resources, experience, and customer service to find you the right product at the lowest price. We’re Insurance Brokers, which means we’re not tied to any specific company. What we do well is find the right insurance product that matches your legal requirements and budget. By shopping the market, we generally find FR44 policies that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than competing quotes. Let us find you the lowest price today! Call us at 1-855-678-6977 or access our Online Quote Page!

Leaders in the Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance Market

Unique situations are never unique to us. We’ve heard thousands of stories and we’ve solved thousands of problems. We recommend the course of action that works for you… even if it means less commission on our end. What works well for someone in Miami, may not work well for another person in Tampa or Jacksonville. Choosing an agency that specializes in the Florida FR44 market is critical., The Florida FR44 Insurance Market is what we do… and we do it very well.

Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance Pricing

While we are rarely beaten on pricing, don’t make the mistake of shopping on price alone. If the agency isn’t well acquainted with the FR44 filing process, you could incur additional fees, incur a longer suspension, or a host of other unanticipated repercussions. Experience in the Florida FR44 market is critical when it comes to ensuring your paperwork is generated properly, submitted properly, and serviced properly in the event any issues should arise. An experienced Florida FR44 Insurance Agency is almost as important as the company you choose to cover you!

So How Does Cheap Florida FR44 Pricing Work?

While all companies offering FR44 policies must include the required coverage, they can set their own pricing. Some companies want this type of business and other companies don’t. The exact same coverage can be priced over one thousand dollars more or less from one company to the next. You’re getting the same thing at a fraction of the price when you shop the market for the Cheapest Florida FR44 pricing! In 5 minutes you can have quotes from multiple A-Rated companies by utilizing our proprietary Quoting Engine. Many factors affect pricing. Some of these variables are Marital Status, Gender, the Zip Code of your Residence, Prior Driving History, and whether you elect to pay monthly or in full. Finding Cheap Florida FR44 insurance is just a phone call away. For more information, visit our FR44 FAQ’s page.

Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance – Non Owner

The cheapest type of FR44 insurance, by far, is the Non Owner Policy. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can qualify. While all Florida FR44 Insurance carries 100/300/50 coverage, a Non Owner FR44 takes the responsibility of covering a vehicle away from the insurance company. Therefore, the policy becomes cheaper. If you do own a vehicle, you will be required to carry the Owner version. Contact one of our licensed insurance agents to discuss your situation. We can quickly tell if you qualify for the cheaper Non Owner policy.

How Long do you Need to Carry a Cheap Florida FR44 Policy?

The short answer is three years from the date of conviction. Do not confuse this with the date the incident occurred. The court system can impose a lessor or greater time, but three years is the standard. It is also important to make sure your policy doesn’t lapse. If it does, you will often be required to carry a Cheap Florida FR44 policy for an Additional 3 Years! We’ve had many cases where the client goes an entire two and a half years with no issues, they let their policy lapse, and they get another 3 year requirement… that makes five and a half years total! It is very expensive to let your policy lapse. Make sure you pay for your policy quickly and always make sure it’s in good standing. You can always check your Driving Status at the Florida Driver License Check website.

Getting Your License Reinstated

If you’ve been required to carry a Florida FR44, there are a number of things you’ll want to accomplish before your driver’s license can be reinstated. These include, but are not limited to: Attending any classes you are required to complete. Paying any fines you have incurred. Know your Case Number (a 9 digit number provided by the Florida DMV). If you own a vehicle and are required to have an ignition interlock device installed, you must have the installation completed prior to having your license reinstated. In order to have the ignition interlock installed, you must have already purchased a Florida FR44 policy. You can check with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles to find your Case Number and your Driving Eligibility.

We work with many drivers who have had:

  • Have Had Multiple Traffic Violations
  • Do not own a vehicle but are still required to purchase a Florida SR22
  • Those that have their Driver’s Liquesce Suspended
  • One or multiple DUI’s
  • And More…


FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts Customer Testimonials:

Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance

Working with FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts for my Florida Non-Owner FR44 Insurance policy was a true blessing! – Susan B. Jacksonville, FL.



Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance

My agent was fast! My Florida FR44 Insurance Policy was in place in less than 5 Minutes! – David C. Naples, FL.



Cheap Florida FR44 Insurance

My agent at FR44 & SR22 Insurance Experts cared about my situation, didn’t judge, and helped me find an affordable Florida FR44 Insurance plan – Marcus W. – Miami, FL.